Envisioning the decentralized supply chain  
Save medication in hybrid and traditional, site-based studies by leveraging direct-to-patient medication supply









JANUARY 26 |  10:00 am-11:30 AM et  |  VIRTUAL

In our second forum, industry experts will envision a decentralized clinical supply chain that supports both hybrid and traditional, site-based studies. Together, we’ll ideate the best direct-to-patient (DtP) approach. Our panelists will review current gaps and pain points in clinical supply chains before offering viable solutions.

About the imagine forum

A diverse panel of thought leaders from pharmas, sites, and IRBs consider how to equip clinical sites for the changing demands and working practices brought about by greater decentralization and digitization. 

Key Themes

This forum will focus on decentralized clinical supply chains and direct-to-patient (DtP) approaches, including:

  • How to expand global patient recruitment opportunities
  • The potential and associated challenges in providing medication direct to patients
  • Expansion of the clinical supply chain past Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP) and into ancillary supplies and supporting devices
  • Supply chain of custody visibility and the digital solutions needed to support
  • The expected savings for decentralized clinical supply chains


The Imagine Forum is open to Sponsors, Sites, and CROs that are running clinical trials. 


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